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Safety glass

Laminated Glass

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Laminated Glass

Nipper Roller – horizontal for automotive Windshields and Sidelites

Olbricht´s prelamination technology (press roller/nipper system) is ideal for the mass production of laminated windshields or sidelites. 
For more than 25 years Olbricht has improved this technology to a fully automatic production line, which can produce laminated parts within shortest cycle time, in high quality and lowest production costs.

Programmable side adjustment and rotation of the nipper rolls around the center axis
Entry and exit conveyor with automatic tilt, distance and rotation device

Short cycle time in conjunction with IR Ovens in front to the Nipper

Technical Data

Glass Size:700 x 1400 mm
                       1200 x 2200 mm
Glass Thickness3 + 3 + 0,6 mm (6,6 mm)
Conveying Speedv= 20m/min Minute
Power Supply400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Phases
Bending Depth300 mm

Bending Radii>90 mm

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